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ceremony writing and support

The possibilities are endless...

One size never fits all when it comes to creating the perfect ceremony.


You might already have the perfect person in mind to lead your ceremony, and that’s bloomin’ wonderful! Maybe your best friend has been warming up their pipes for your wedding day, or perhaps your siblings have volunteered to lead the naming ceremony of your dreams, and now you’re all wondering what the next steps are. I’ve got you.


From ceremony script writing to extra rehearsals, I want to support you – all – in making your ceremony a success. Sometimes, just an extra pair of ears to run ideas by, or to check over the running order of the day can be all you need. Think of me as your safety net – with slightly mad hair.

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how can I support you?

Ceremony script writing

Just as it sounds, I’ll work with you to craft the ceremony script of your dreams, to be delivered by the person of your choosing.


The process is the same as creating scripts for weddings and naming ceremonies, but simply without me delivering it on the day. Your investment will include your full written script, including planning meetings and revisions.



It can be hard to speak someone else’s words, which is why I can be on hand to support whoever you’ve chosen to deliver your ceremony with an additional rehearsal.


This can take place anywhere – in person or via Zoom – and can include read throughs of the script to make sure it flows for the reader, or a complete rehearsal on location with everyone involved. Whatever you need, let’s make it work!

£50 per hour

additional support

Perhaps you’ve gone solo and have a pal writing your ceremony for you – they do know you best!


Why not have them give me a call to make sure there’s nothing they’ve missed? We can go through the script, the plan for the day, and make sure there are no snags, or anything that could cause stress – for anyone! – during the ceremony. It’ll be grand.

£25 per half hour call


Let's go!

What are your plans...?

Thanks for getting in touch!

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