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let's run away to wild north yorkshire

Fancy getting married but keeping it to yourselves? Feeling rebellious and want to run away together? If you're yearning for an adventure to celebrate your love story, I'm here for you.

There's so much beauty around us, so why not add your story to the landscape? I know the wild Yorkshire moors, have sought out waterfalls, and scrambled down cliffs to secret beaches. And I’d bloomin' love to share these with you. With an in-depth knowledge of beautiful North Yorkshire, let me take you both by the hand; and a couple of your pals if you like!

Together we'll craft a wedding ceremony as unique as your love for each other. Pick your date, grab your photographer, and let’s head to the hills together. I'll even bring the champers.

Image by Hannah Busing
Image by Samuel Girven

how it all works


First, you best make sure I'm the right celebrant for you.

Have a good old rummage around on here. If you like my style, let's arrange a chat! We'll discuss your location ideas and I'll answer any questions you might have. This is with absolutely no obligation.


If sparks fly, we'll confirm your booking and start planning! I'll get to know you and your love story inside out (the best part).


I'll kick off by sending you a little date night and questionnaires. We'll have a catch up to work out all the exciting details of your beautiful elopement.


I'll be around for as much support as you need, anytime you need it.


After I’ve got all the juicy details, we might need a few more chats. We'll explore all the different elements of your ceremony, making sure it's going to reflect you perfectly. Then, I'll start working on your unique ceremony script and elopement plan...


You'll sign off the final plan, and we're ready to go. We'll work out logistics, look at the weather, and head into the hills.

feeling adventurous? here's how i'll help...

Scouting the perfect location for your wild elopement (we can check it out together)

Unlimited support: planning meetings, WhatsApp groups, podcast-length voice notes (podcast tapas) – whatever you need

We'll dig deep into each element of your ceremony; music, readings, symbolic actions. Let's use the Moors as our inspiration and create something perfectly yours

Unlimited drafts and revisions of your ceremony script - it's got to be perfect

Extra time before and after the ceremony. I'll be on hand to help with photos, carry whatever you need; I'm yours!

Champers for a toast, blankets, vows, and some other goodies to make your day sparkle.

all for £875

"when you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible..."

When Harry Met Sally

burning questions

what kind of locations could we elope to?

I've lived all over; from Pickering on the North York Moors, to Scarborough (Scarbados) on the coast. I now live in York, and years of exploring far and wide mean I know lots of hidden gems...

Ruined castles, haunting monasteries. Ancient woodlands. Endless, prehistoric beaches. Moorlands that stretch for miles. Clifftops and valley viewpoints.

I would LOVE to know your dream location. Let me know, and I'll do my best to scout out whatever you're looking for.

how much notice do you need?

I know that elopements can often be last minute, and that's absolutely fine. While as much notice as possible is always grand, I know that eloping doesn't often play by the rules!


If you have flexibility, weekdays are a good bet. But let's chat! I'll always do my best to accommodate your vision. 

How does the legal bit work?

At the moment, independent Celebrant-led wedding ceremonies aren't legally recognised in England. However just as legally registering a birth is done at a different time to a christening or naming ceremony, you can divide the official side of marriage from the getting married part.

Most couples choose to have their legal ceremony ahead of time at a Registry Office. It's an elegant way of saving the fun for your wedding ceremony, and keeping the party going!

Rocky Coast
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